Release Notes

February 20th, 2017 Release

Mid 2016 Release

Planned Second Public Update: Version Beta I

Planned Release Date: January 15 or 27th, 2016
Planned Updates
  1. Upgrade the quality of the RGB evaluation code to a satisfactory standard, utilizing tokenization techniques part of the compiler theory. (Code will be available under CC BY 4.0)
  2. Reducing the byte size of the central image to an atomic level.
  3. Improving the JavaScript Initialization Sequence Such That the Only Required Event Handler Performs the Related Tasks.
Status of the Customization Code
  1. Unnecassry looping structures gotten rid of successfully.
  2. Dispensed with the gratuitous regular expressions imposed on an individual occupying the seat without the faintest access available to the accumulated knowledge and acting purely as a pupet: no more regular expressions to hog the CPU resources.

  3. Final Code — another revision planned for release within this year — will, in allprobability, have more than 200 fewer lines of code.

Planned Minor Update: Version Alpha II-MU

Planned Release Date: November 10th, 2015
Issues Addressed
  1. Making the Website Customization Code Functional On All Of The Mainstream Browsers And Computing Platforms.
  2. Changing The Customization Code’s Execution Sequence To Improve The Performance Of An Already Customized Website.
Known Issues

Other than the known and as yet unresolved issues listed in the next section, following couple of issues require further attention.

  1. Purging the code of unnecessary or redundant statements or execution blocks.
  2. Making website customization form easier to use by providing users with some educational material concerning the format of the types of input that form accepts.

First Public Update: Version Alpha II

Released On: October 10th, 2015
Known Issues
  1. Contact Form Still Missing.
  2. RGB Correctness Evaluation Code Exceptionally Naïve or Unsophisticated (the sheer manipulative prowess of external influence or mind control). Code available under CC BY 4.0
  3. Website Style Customization Code, despite reliance on supported functionality, fails to perform consistently on Blink based browsers (Chrome and Opera 15+).
  4. Website Style Customization Code Currently Site Specific.
  5. The central image part of the animation sequence on the main page requires further optimization.
  6. HTML Dcelarations Required to Render Customization Form Currently Included With Every Page: At Some Point, Using AJAX to Remove the Unnecessary Textual Overhead.
  7. JavaScript Initialization Sequence Involves Setting of too Many Event Handlers Where Only One Would’ve Sufficed.
  8. Sitemap.xml Still Missing.
  9. Robots.txt Still Missing.

First Public Release: Version Alpha

Released On: May 27th, 2015
Known Issues
  1. Broken Links Generating 404s
    • Contact.htm (Contact Form Page): Accessible from Miscellaneous Menu.
    • Privacy Policy: Accessible from Miscellaneous Menu.
    • The Mythical Creature, Free Will: Accessible from Main Page.
    • About Page: When Accessed from Projects Page.
    • Projects Page: When Accessed from Services Page.
    • About Page: When Accessed from Services Page.
    • Content Quality Guidelines: When Accessed from Services Page.
  2. Lack of Caching of Static Content.
  3. Although already minuscule, however, according to website grading services, the central image part of the animation sequence on the main page requires further optimization.
  4. Planned Customization Form Along With Requisite JavaScript Missing.
  5. Sitemap Missing.
  6. Robots.txt Missing.